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Honey by  J.Barna

HONEY. Nature’s Nectar , is truly the ‘Bee’s Knees’.

Those bees for certain, know exactly what they are doing . There is great reason for why Mother Earth cannot thrive without these little ‘winged wonders’. What they do is beyond miraculous,but we are going to focus on that ‘magical bronze serum’ they produce here on this blog. Honey has been used for centuries in almost every ancient culture across the globe for nutritional and medicinal purposes , and there is no mistaking why . This truly organic ‘salve’ has amazing healing properties . Throughout history it was most commonly used as an ointment to dress wounds due to it’s natural antimicrobial action. It also served to protect and moisten wounds with it’s natural consistency and has been known to repair and promote new growth of healthy tissue cells.

I recommend staying away from the standard commercially packaged ‘store shelf -honey’ and sticking with Raw Organic Honey in it’s natural form . Most of the Honey sold on shelves at stores has been processed with industrial high heats which kills off it’s nutrient rich properties and healing enzymes . It’s so easy to get your hands on raw, natural organic honey… Look Into your local farmers markets and natural food stores. It’s worth it . I also highly recommend ‘Manuka Honey’ above most standard flower honeys .

Honey by J.Barna

Here are just a few reasons why Natural Honey is hands down my ‘go to’ base for at home face and body concoctions , to treat , heal and feed the skin with nutrients ……

The antimicrobial /antibacterial properties kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria making it ideal for acne prone skin as an ‘on the spot’  tincture for blemishes or as a consistent treatment regimen to calm ,control and prevent breakouts.

~  Honey , in it’s raw form, contains compounds which make up it’s natural antioxidant behavior which has reported to aid in and promote anti-aging .

~  Raw Honey and it’s naturally healing enzymes also have shown it’s use as an anti-inflammatory agent . This property, in any treatment, is vital in aiding the healing process with chronic acne and Rosacea as these both cause such inflammation of the skin.

~  Honey’s natural PH is 4.5 and aligns with the natural PH balance of the skin which lies between 4.5-5.5. Keeping this natural PH balance helps keep your skin healthy. Exposing your skin to highly acidic or alkaline throws our PH off drastically and our skin behaves as if it’s being attacked resulting in drastic reactions.

~  This Natural moisturizer soothes and feeds the skin preventing dry, chapped skin and gives your skin a ‘pick-me up’ appearance and a beautiful healthy glow . Keeping the skin moisturized and maintaining it , prevents the over production of natural oils/sebum we produce in response to dryness … which in turn traps bacteria and causes breakouts.


I will be continuously adding easy DIY home-made honey based skin remedies …but for a simple quick treatment that works Amazing on an unwanted, unruly breakout …. Try thisA simple marriage of ‘Sweet and Sour’.

lemonhoney by J.Barna